10 Things You Don’t Know About Me (Maybe)

Following in the footsteps of my Twitter friends Jane Travers and Rebecca Brown, I’m going to try to think of 10 things you maybe don’t already know about me. This is hard because I’ve already smeared the entrails of my life all over this blog and I may have to include one or two non-surprises, but let’s see….

1. If it has avocado in it, I’ll have it. With extra avocado.

I'm pretty sure students don't live like this. But isn't it pretty?

2. I love interior decorating. In my last job I had to dress a student apartment for showing and even though I highly doubt students use €10 place mats or put lemons and limes in bowls just because it looks pretty, it was the most fun EVER.

John Mayer aka the future Mr. Catherine Ryan Howard aka YUM. Don't care much for his personality but who the hell cares - are you looking at this pic??!!

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#3: The Maeve Binchy Writers’ Club

If you’ve just joined us, I’m counting down my Top 5 How To Write Books Books that I’ve whittled down after almost a decade of reading every book about writing books I could find but not actually writing anything.

On Monday we met No. 5, How Not To Write a Novel: 200 Common Mistakes to Avoid If You Ever Want to Get Published by Sandra Newman and Howard Mittelmark, and yesterday I introduced you to No. 4, Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need by the late great Blake Snyder which I (hopefully) convinced you could be used for plotting novels too.

Today, I give you No. 3: The Maeve Binchy Writers’ Club.

Writing is hard. Not as hard as doing a job you hate for the rest of your life or, say, understanding string theory, but it does have its hurdles. As Gene Fowler once said, ‘Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood appear on your forehead.’

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