Considering that I started blogging about self-publishing at the very beginning of 2010 – 1st February, to be exact – it is just impossible now to organize all of those posts into anything resembling a coherent and/or chronological list. Furthermore there’d be no point in doing that, because something I posted last month could already be out of date. (Please don’t e-mail to tell me about the information in a specific blog post you read is outdated. They’re blog posts, people.) So instead I’ve cobbled together a bit of a highlights show here, and if you need more than that you can search through the archives. Also, I do have a 120,000 word book about all this, you know…



Don’t know where to start? Don’t know your KDP from your DRM? These are the droids that you’re looking for… In these posts you’ll find out how I found out everything I know about self-publishing (warning: my answer is a tad sarcastic), how to quickly and easily sort out that darn US tax withholding thing […]


The Bigger Picture

I know that what was missing from my own self-publishing adventures was an overview: someone sitting me down at the start and telling me what was going to happen, when and how exhausting it would all be. Self-publishers tend to get caught up in the technical details, but some of the biggest mistakes you can […]


Just Get a Damn Editor, Okay?

Spoiler alert: there is absolutely nothing you can say to me that will make me say, “Yes, you’re right. You don’t need an editor!” You absolutely do unless your book has no words in it. It isn’t a luxury – it’s a requirement. As the saying I once saw on Twitter and can’t remember the […]


US Tax Withholding

People get unduly annoyed about the fact that we have to fill out any forms at all pertaining to US tax withholdings (i.e. the bit the IRS will keep from your royalties unless you fill out that form) but I have no time for the red-tape moaners. It’s amazing that the world’s biggest online retailer […]


Nuts and Bolts

text How Self-Published Books are Made: Start to Finish (PART I) How Self-Published Books are Made: Start to Finish (PART II) The Minefield That Is Self-Published Cover Design 5 Things I’m Always Having To Tell Self-Publishers How To Format Your E-book Inserting Page Numbers and Running Heads Self-Publishing a New Edition? Get Rid of the […]


Selling and Social Media

  What is the Point of a Blog? How To Get People to Read Your Blog Selling Self-Published Books: Read This First [Freshly-Pressed!] Social Media: [GROAN] Do I Have To? Does My Blog Look Big in This? How (Not?) To Get Your Book Reviewed Why Promoting Your Book Online is (a bit) like Fight Club […]



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Your Self-Publishing Team

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