Catherine loves getting e-mail but due to an acute lack of spare time, she can’t read all the e-mail she gets. This is partly due to the fact that insists on sending her several e-mails a day about layering no matter how many times she tries to unsubscribe, and partly due to the fact that people clog up her Gmail with:


Angry Dinosaur Face-Inducing Categories

  • Questions about self-publishing. This includes individual queries, US tax issues, formatting services (stopped doing that years ago) and contact information for cover designers, editors, etc. The answers are all on this blog and in Self-Printed, which you can buy in e-book for the price of a pricey venti latte. I’m very sorry but if you e-mail to ask anyway, you probably won’t get a reply.
  • Queries about my accepting guest posts from strangers, link exchanges, paying for content. No, no and seriously: no.
  • People who don’t know how to BCC or worse, don’t realize why they should. Hashtag facepalm.

You know what’s nicer than e-mail? Blog comments. If it’s not something weird, stick it in a blog comment instead.

(And if it is something weird, how about you keep it to yourself, eh?)

You could also say hi on Twitter @cathryanhoward or find me on Facebook.

Now because that was a little angry, here is something nice:

Fireworks Walt Disney World

Look, it’s the place where the magic lives! And dreams come true! And ooh, sparkly fireworks!

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Apologies in advance if I don’t get a chance to respond – I will read it though!