Catherine loves getting e-mail, especially now that she’s unsubscribed to 50+ online store mailing lists and her inbox is feeling a little lonely, but getting e-mails that fall into any of the categories listed below make her feel like this:


Angry Dinosaur Face-Inducing Categories

  • Questions about self-publishing
  • Queries re: guest posts, link exchanges and advertising. The answer is no
  • Mass e-mails from people who are selling something and don’t know how to BCC
  • Sentiments that could’ve gone in a blog comment instead. (Tip: if it’s not private, put it in a comment! I read them too, you know…)
  • I don’t provide services like formatting, marketing assistance or other general self-publishing consultations to individuals any more. So please, don’t ask.

Now because that was a little angry and sarcastic, here is something nice:

Fireworks Walt Disney World

Look, it’s the place where the magic lives! And dreams come true! And ooh, sparkly fireworks!

Well done for reading all the way down here! And apologies too. To send a private message to Catherine, fill in the boxes below and click Submit.

One more thing though: *****I won’t answer your question about self-publishing*****. That’s not because I’m being rude, but because I’ve already written about 300,000 words about the subject on my blog which is available for free, and another 120,000 words in a book that you can buy for the price of 1 week’s speciality coffee habit. And I actually think it’s you who’s being a bit rude, if I’m honest, for taking the shortcut of e-mailing me instead of researching it like the rest of us had to do…

NB: Catherine is represented by Jane Gregory of Gregory & Company. You can contact them here.

I read all the e-mail I get but due to an acute lack of spare time, I can’t respond to most of it. Sorry! Therefore if you are sending me a message “just to say hi”, I’d much prefer a blog comment. Thank you!


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