Catherine loves getting e-mail but due to an acute lack of spare time, she can’t read all the e-mail she gets. This is partly due to the fact that insists on sending her several e-mails a day about layering no matter how many times she tries to unsubscribe, and partly due to the fact that people clog up her Gmail with:


Angry Dinosaur Face-Inducing Categories

  • Questions about self-publishing. Sorry, but I don’t have time to answer individual queries. Anyway, everything I know about the subject is on this blog somewhere or in Self-Printed.
  • Questions about US tax, ITINs, EINs, tax interviews, etc. I’m not an expert and that’s who you should be asking.
  • Formatting services. I don’t do them anymore. I recommend eBookPartnership for all ebooking needs. For contact information for the editors and cover designs I used to self-publishing books, go here.
  • People who don’t know how to BCC or worse, don’t realize why they should. Hashtag FACEPALM.

You know what’s nicer than e-mail? Blog comments. If it’s not something weird, stick it in a blog comment instead.

(And if it is something weird, how about you keep it to yourself, eh?)

You could also say hi on Twitter @cathryanhoward or find me on Facebook.

Now because that was a little angry, here is something nice:

Fireworks Walt Disney World

Look, it’s the place where the magic lives! And dreams come true! And ooh, sparkly fireworks!

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Apologies in advance if I don’t get a chance to respond – I will read it though!