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Catherine loves getting e-mail, especially now that she’s unsubscribed to 50+ online store mailing lists and her inbox is feeling a little lonely, but getting e-mails that fall into any of the categories listed below make her feel like this:


Angry Dinosaur Face-Inducing Categories

  • Questions about self-publishing. I don’t have the time to answer them, and everything I know about the subject is either on this blog or in this
  • Mass e-mails from people selling stuff who don’t know how to BCC (noooooooooo!)
  • Sentiments that could’ve gone in a blog comment instead. The form below sends me an e-mail, which adds to the 3,283 unread messages in my inbox and deepens my E-mail Neglect-Related Guilt. If it’s not private, I would MUCH prefer a blog comment instead, thanks very much. You could also say hi on Twitter @cathryanhoward.
Now because that was a little angry, here is something nice:

Fireworks Walt Disney World

Look, it’s the place where the magic lives! And dreams come true! And ooh, sparkly fireworks!

I read all the e-mail I get but due to an acute lack of spare time, I can’t respond to most of it. Sorry!