It’s new book time (finally!)…


The first installment of my new book, Travelled: Tales About Not Staying At Home, is out now for Kindle priced 99c.

I haven’t self-published anything brand new since Backpacked in 2011 (More Mousetrapped doesn’t really count, as that was more bonus material to another book, and Self-Printed‘s first edition came before Backpacked) so I’m a little nervous, but here goes.

Q: What in the name of luggage tags are you on about?

A: Travelled: Tales About Not Staying At Home is the new travel memoir-of-sorts that I’m releasing this year.

Mousetrapped was about my big Moving to Orlando adventure, and Backpacked was about my big Backpacking Across Central America adventure, but since I flew home from Panama in 2008, I haven’t had any other big adventures. I have, however, had lots of mini ones. Travelled is the story of some of these mini-adventures. It’s a collection of travel essays, written in the same style as Mousetrapped and Backpacked.

In a flirtation with experimentation, I’ve decided to release Travelled in three e-book only installments between now and November, and then collect them all in a paperback just in time for Christmas. Each episode contains complete stories, so it’s not like its serialized or leaves you on a cliff-hanger or anything. It’s just a few stories at a time. This way, I don’t have to wait until the end of the year to release new material, and should I have any exciting adventures over the next few months, they can potentially become stories in Travelled. Also, the price reflects this: each episode will be 99c. There’ll be three of them, so all in all they’ll cost about what all my books cost to begin with: $2.99.

The first of these installments, Travelled Episode 1: The Extra Guest, is out now.

Les Sablons Aug05 030

This was where I lived when I was a campsite courier. And this was it on a good day. FOR REALS.

Q: What’s in this first installment?

A: Each installment will contain three brand new stories, and one ‘bonus’ story that’s appeared elsewhere before.

Episode 1 contains:

  1. The Extra Guest (Catherine spends a night in a haunted hotel room. Mistake.) 
  2. Starry, Starry Night (Catherine signs up for a 20k walk through the night. Bigger mistake)
  3. It’s Only Camping! (Catherine goes to work as a campsite courier in France. HUGE mistake.)

Yes, I would say they all share a common theme…

In total, these new stories are about 28,000 words. That’s just under about a third of the length of your average novel. Both Mousetrapped and Backpacked were 70,000 words-ish.

Episode 1 also contains Us Versus the Volcano as a bonus story, which won a travel-writing competition back in 2009 and also formed the basis of the chapter by the same name in Backpacked. It appears here in its original form, and isn’t included in the word count above.

Q: Why can I only buy it in Kindle e-book?

A: You can only buy it in Kindle e-book for now. It will shortly become available through Smashwords and their retail channels too, but it won’t be available in paperback until the end of the year.

Q: When can I read the rest of it?

A: The next installment will be in July or August, with the final one coming in October/November.

Q: I’m on Pinterest. Whatcha got for me?

As luck would have it, Travelled is on Pinterest! You can view boards (that have photos and stuff) for The Extra Guest, Starry, Starry Night and It’s Only Camping!

Click here to see Travelled on and here to see it on

11 thoughts on “TRAVELLED Is Here!

  1. Lizzy says:

    Bought it yesterday ready for my holiday next week. I’m holidaying in the UK so expecting typical summer weather – wind and rain. But I would have purchased Catherine’s book anyway – I’m a big fan (although not so big now as I’ve lost a lot of weight…)

  2. Jeroen Vogel says:

    Hi Catherine, bought the first installment and really liked the stories. Any chance of buying the next two any time soon (or the complete package as a paperback)?

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