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Sunday Coffee Reads: Week #4

3 Feb

As I said in my Plans and Goals and Stuff post, Sunday mornings is when I read my way through all the interesting tidbits I’ve come upon during the week: tweets I’ve marked as favorite, Google Reader posts I’ve starred and articles I’ve mailed myself links to while waiting out an ad break. Then I add the ones I think everyone else might find interesting to Buffer, so they get tweeted during the week. (Note: I tweet what I think is interesting, not necessarily what I agree with.) But I thought that this year, I would pick the cream of the crop for a little Sunday morning link fest, so you have something to read with your coffee too…


This week’s Catherine Drinking Coffee Pic is brought to you by the complimentary caffeine in the lobby of the W Hotel in New Orleans, Fat Tuesday morning 2008. And so, onto the tweets!

This week on this blog I opened the floor up to self-publishing questions, hosted an inspirational post from Shannon of Duolit Self-Publishing Team and after MUCH consideration, picked my Top 100 favorite movies.

And then remembered Top Gun.

And A Few Good Men.

And Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion…

In other news, this was my favorite tweet of the week:

(You can buy it online here and they even have international delivery. TOTALLY BUYING ONE. May I also recommend that you don’t spent too much time on that site because they have way to much amazing stuff.)

Until next week… 

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