Travels in 2012 and TRAVELLED in 2013

Some of you may have noticed that the third travel memoir I planned to release around now, Travelled: 10 Tales About Not Staying at Home, never materialized, and all of you may not be at all surprised about this because missing my own deadlines is kinda my thing. I’m, like, professional status; they don’t let me compete in the Missing Deadlines Olympics anymore. But that’s okay, because I’ve had an idea.

Adventures in Rome

Scenes from my Rome adventures (click for larger)

The reason Travelled isn’t out—or written—yet is a combination of two things. The first one is that I just didn’t have the time I thought I would in the latter half of this year, because something came up: work. I’ve been doing some freelance social media stuff and although I really enjoy it, it does take up a significant amount of time. Also, I’m trying to finish a novel I’ve been working on, and September to December is the worse time of the year to try watching less television, because it’s all amazing. (Girls! Homeland! American Horror Story! True Blood! Masterchef!) So time was in a short supply. The second one is that on a bit of a whim, I’ve planned a momentous 2013 vacation that, really, I’d love to include in Travelled. So I asked myself, how long would I have to wait to release the book, and still get that story in? And what if something else, further away, came up in the meantime? Would I push the date again so I could include that? Or would I just release it, and update the edition later? Or would I—

Then I had an idea.

An idea that would solve all these problems, and then some.

Scenes from my Marrakech adventures (click for larger)

Scenes from my Marrakech adventures (click for larger)

Instead of releasing Travelled as a full, finished book as soon as possible, I’m going to release it in four parts in 2013. Book 1 will be out in April, Book 2 in July and Book 3 in October. Each one will contain 3 completely new travel adventures of 4,00-6,000 words each. Then, just in time for next Christmas, the complete book will be released with all stories included plus a new one, making up the “10” in the original title. (The tenth story will also be available on here, so as to prevent the need to buy the full book just for that when you’ve already forked out cash for the three installments.) The installments will be priced at 99c, and the full book $2.99.

Doing it this way means:

  • the task is more manageable for me, time-wise
  • I can include stories from 2013, i.e. stories that have yet to happen
  • 2012’s publishing buzzword alert: more titles on Amazon improves my discoverability factor
  • more times also means more promotional opportunities
  • it’s more fun for me, because this is an experiment in something new. Hooray!
Scenes from my Las Vegas/LA adventures (click for larger)

Scenes from my Las Vegas/LA adventures (click for larger)

(Mousetrapped will also be out three years—THREE BLOODY YEARS!—on March 29th as well, so I’m thinking about what I can do to mark that occasion. Maybe a new afterword or something? We’ll see. I’ll do something, anyway.)

So that’s Travelled. As for travels, 2012 has been a stand-out year. Living with your parental units and having a best friend with a hotel discount does have its advantages: this year I managed to visit Marrakech, Rome, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and a slew of beach towns on the Southern California coast for the first time, and got to go back to London, Nice, Madrid and Valencia. I also got to stay in Monaco for a night—fancy cocktails o’clock!—and after seeing a Space Shuttle launch in 2007, achieved my other lifelong, travel-related dream: I visited the Grand Canyon (and, bonus round, the stunning Hoover Dam!).

I hope 2013 is as fun.

If only to make Travelled more interesting…

13 thoughts on “Travels in 2012 and TRAVELLED in 2013

  1. Andrea "The American Roommate" says:

    2012 was definitely a banner travel year! I’m excited to read about all the adventures when the new books come out. Here’s to an equally fantastic 2013!

  2. Michelle says:

    Fantastic idea! Have read mousetrapped just a few times lol. I too am a lover of Florida, disneyworld, palm trees, beaches and Kennedy Space Center! Wishes fireworks are also my Prozac :). LOVED your books and could really relate to mousetrapped especially (although I have never worked for Disney, nor lived in the states, but I do travel there often, and Disney is my favourite place in the world! So many of the places you mentioned I have been to, why oh why don’t they have dueling piano bars in the uk and Ireland? Jelly rolls is the BEST! Did you go to any of the dueling piano bars when you were in Vegas? I like the Twins show at Harrahs. ) so just wanted to say thanks for writing the books. Had so much fun reading them. From one coffee lover (white chocolate mocha from Starbucks my tipple) to another, Michelle

      • Michelle says:

        Ah, didn’t try that one! Harrahs is the best, the twins even remembered me from 3 years before, which was fantastic. They are such lovely girls too, and are now Facebook friends! Jellyrolls amazing though. Scotty/Ray are brilliant, as are, in fact, all of the duelers there! Yes, jellyrolls is nice and spacious, and everyone so welcoming! And you get the bonus of seeing illuminations firewoks across the water. Going back in August (I have a conference at the renaissance at seaworld, so going to do Disney afterwards) thinking of staying at the new art of animation hotel. THANKS SO MUCH for the reply!! Just bought more mousetrapped, so know I will be having a few more laugh out loud moments:). Thanks again Catherine!

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