Coming Attractions

Look what Andrew Brown of Design for Writers sent me on Friday:

More Mousetrapped is finally getting released this week, only seven months after I said it would be. Hooray! Better late than never, let’s hope. More Mousetrapped is going to be a 99c e-book only release, and it’s ONLY intended to be read AFTER you’ve read Mousetrapped. (I can’t stress this enough: it is NOT a standalone title. So please don’t download it, read it, get mad and then vent your anger into an Amazon customer review, thanks very much.) It contains:

  • A brand new—NEW!— introduction by moi about how came Mousetrapped came to be, “The Mousetrapped Story”
  • All six More Mousetrapped stories that you’ll only have already read if you were signed up to the More Mousetrapped mailing list back in the day (and judging by my Mailchimp report, you mightn’t even have read them then, so maybe these will be brand new—NEW!—to you too)
  • A brand new—NEW!—More Mousetrapped story called “A Thousand Welcomes”
  • Some other Mousetrapped-related stuff
  • Some other me-traveling-related stuff
  • A sparkly preview of my next book, Travelled: a story about a night I spent in a haunted hotel, “The Extra Guest.”

I’ll let you know when it’s available to download. Should be towards the weekend. Then, next up will be:

I’m hoping this will be out in early August-ish. I was aiming for a release in the beginning of July, but it turned out to be a much bigger job than I thought—just like it was first time around, come to think of it. So much has changed since it was released in May 2010 and not just things like the CreateSpace upload process or how KDP works, but my own opinions about things have changed as well, and of course I’ve an extra year of experience to work into it too. So, it’s a big project and one that requires a lot of coffee.

And finally here’s a fancy little picture I made earlier:

If you want more information on any of my books, visit the My Books page.

10 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. elskenewman says:

    Hi Catherine, I look forward to the 2nd edition of self-printed, I was going to buy the current version but I’ll wait fo the new edition now :-) Can I please ask youropinion on something? I am wondering whether to put adverts on my blog (I’m hoping to be able to one day leave my job and be a full time writer, so every bit of income will help), but I’m keen to find out what other bloggers think of this. And as your blog is my favourite, I would really like your opinion. Thanks.

  2. Jodie James says:

    Lots of luck with the new book, Catherine!

    I’ve just read back over a couple of your blog posts (Procrastination from writing? me? never. ;o) ) and

    a) I’m off to buy a wall planner


    b) Happy Birthday! Don’t sweat the numbers thing, I loved my 30’s and had to bid them a sad farewell in March. You’ve achieved much to be proud of already, i’m sure your brand new decade will bring sparkling stuff your way. You’re right about one thing though – the key is def productivity. (Note to self: stop yakking and start writing.)

    Jodie x

  3. foodsforyourlife says:

    Congrats, Catherine! Redoing and relaunching your book will be a big job, bit it will be so worthwhile in the end. Just keep pushing to put in and then whittle away at the words. I HATE the close to final edit phase where you know what the book should look like or the way it should read but doesn’t yet. But suddenly, it comes together, the heavens open up, the sun comes out. You don’t need quite as much chocolate, and all is well in your world. And your book becomes a beautiful thing. Enjoy the process as much as it is humanly possible. Take walks away from computer when a sentence or para gets fussy.

    Also, hope you had a truly amazing and Happy 30th Birthday!! And that you had your cake and ate it too. All the best in the coming year and decade ahead. It will be amazing. I bet you a quarter (or the currency of your choice) it will be quite a remarkable decade. :)

    All My Best,

  4. martinturnbull says:

    Catherine – I’m so happy to hear that you are coming out with a 2nd edition of “Self-printed”! Your first edition was a god-sent bible to me as I was publishing my first novel. I hate to think where I would be without it. My second novel is in with the editor right now so by the time it comes out of that process, I’ll be gearing up to go through the motions of getting it out there and I am stoked that your updated bible will be there with me to. Big thank you!

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