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A New (And For Now, FREE!) Book by Me

1 Jun

Just over a year ago, I decided to put all my self-printing themed posts together and release them as a little e-book, a sort of “how to” guide as to how I self-published. But as soon as I sat down to do it, I realized that there were huge gaps, and that because of these gaps, no one could really use it as a start-to-end companion to getting their book out into the world. So I set them aside and instead wrote a self-publishing guide from scratch—Self-Printed. (Which I’m currently updating. The second edition is slated for release during the first week of July.) But that still left all the blog posts, so…

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The Best of Catherine, Caffeinated: Caffeine-Infused Self-Publishing Advice is out now for Kindle!

It’s over 120,000 words of my most popular—and so, let’s hope, useful—blog posts, going back to one of my first ever posts in November 2009, and leading right up to How To Sell Self-Published Books month, which ended yesterday. You can read them in chronological order, look for the information you need by topic or just dip in and out as you please. I figure it’ll be a good taster if you’re not sure whether or not Self-Printed is for you, a good companion if you already have Self-Printed, or an excellent way to catch-up if you’re new to this blog.

Now of course, all the posts in it are still here, online. If you have a week or so to spare, you can start reading through them. I’ve blogged, on average, four times a week for the last two years, my guess is you’ll be blind somewhere around March 2011. Alternatively you can spend sofa change to get them all in the one place, and all ready for your Kindle or Kindle Reading App, and comfortable, reading pleasure.

Except you don’t even have to spend sofa change, because it’s FREE to download for the next five days.

(This would be an example of me using KDP Select not for sales but because I’d like to give away a book for free to a certain group of people, i.e. YOU LOVELY LOT.) All I ask is that if you download it and manage to get through it too, please consider leaving a review on or

I’ll be your friend forever.

Or at least until next week.

Find The Best of Catherine, Caffeinated on, and all other Kindle stores.

And so ends How To Sell Self-Published Month. I hope you found it as useful as my fingers found it numbing to type. Have a good weekend! 

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